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Have you had a mystical experience? 

Whether it happens naturally or is brought on by a psychedelic, researchers define a mystical experience as having 6 key qualities: 

  1. sense of unity or oneness (interconnectedness of all people and things, all is one, pure consciousness)
  2. strong sense of sacredness or reverence
  3. noetic quality (a sense of encountering ultimate reality, often described as “more real than real”
  4. deeply felt positive mood (universal love, joy, peace)
  5. transcendence of time and space (past and present collapse into the present moment)
  6. ineffability (the experience is very hard to put into words)

via Mar/Apr 2019 Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal has posted about their mission to become more inclusive. 


That is my ultimate wish, not only for this issue, but for the yoga community as a whole: that we, as yogis, commit to remembering that we are all united and to doing what we can to make this beautiful, accepting practice available to anyone who wants it, regardless of gender, race, size, ability, or socioeconomic status.

In that spirit, I’ll ask you the same question I promise to continue to pose to myself: What will you do to help make yoga more inclusive for all?

—Carin Gorrell