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Yoga PSA: The holidays are upon us. And while this brings plenty of fun, it also brings plenty of rich food, alcohol and sugar. Should this make your stomach feel less than awesome, rocking back and forth in Bow Pose (aka Dhanurasana) stimulates the digestive system and helps get things running in their proper order. If you want to feel your absolute best though, check out one of my classes this weekend @lucentyoga listed below.

Friday – 7am

Saturday- 4:20pm


Diver’s Pose is a challenging balance, looking and feeling exactly as the name implies. The core is engaged to help hold the pose, your legs are both stretched and strengthened as they lengthen but engage to stay steady. And the chest is opened as the arms are winged. Join me @lucentyoga on Saturday at 4:30pm and perhaps this pose will fill you with enough joy to dive into your next life adventure, or at least some weekend fun.


Bhujapidasana, aka Shoulder Press Pose, is a fun arm balance that strengthens the arms and wrists, opens the inner thighs and tones the abs. It’s important to remember to engage the core to keep from falling back and to squeeze the shoulders to keep from sliding down. You may find yourself dangling in this pose (and many more) in either of my classes @lucentyoga listed below.

Thursday – 12:30pm

Friday – 5pm


I bend so that I don’t break. Living in NYC is a constant compromise. You must be able to let go of previous physical boundaries due the constant onslaught of people on the street or subways, let go of what you used to consider quiet for the hum of cars, trains and sirens, and learn to not just live but enjoy the concrete jungle as your home. Oddly living in such a busy, loud, crowded space has made me more easy going and able to find relaxation even during a loud cramped MRI. Although I’m sure my daily 19 year yoga practice hasn’t hurt. Join me @lucentyoga to let go of any hidden stress and also become more aware of your ability to physically and mentally compromise so as to float versus trudge through your day.

Friday – 12:30pm

Saturday- 4:30pm


Mondays can be challenging. Yoga helps. Meet me on the mat at 12:30pm @lucentyoga to make yours a bit less formidable.

Downward Dog Split, one of my favorite poses, …

Downward Dog Split, one of my favorite poses, always feels fabulous whenever I come into it. The hamstrings are both strengthened and stretched, along with the core and shoulders. If you want to get more into the hips, just bend your extended leg and stack your hips. Join me Tuesday morning at 9:30am @lucentyoga to explore the possibilities of this pose for yourself.

Flexibility and strength, two major physical a…

Flexibility and strength, two major physical and mental gains of yoga. I came to yoga physically flexible but lacking in strength (I couldn’t even chaturanga) and mentally strong but lacking in flexibility (it was my way or the highway). Yoga has brought expansion to my mind and strength to my body, taught me much about diligence and patience and made me a more accepting, less judgmental person. Join me Saturday at 4:30pm @lucentyoga to test both your fortitude and your openness and see what you can gain and how you can grow from your practice.

Although it can be brutal when it hits the 90’…

Although it can be brutal when it hits the 90’s, the warm weather helps open the body for deeper stretches. One of my favorite poses to teach in the summer months is Hanumanasana, aka the Splits, because the heat allows even the stiffest of students to find some version. Join me on Tuesday at 9:30am @lucentyoga to get super long and smiley.

Triangle, aka Utthita Trikonasana, is one of t…

Triangle, aka Utthita Trikonasana, is one of the best known and most commonly practiced yoga poses. A major stretch for the hamstrings and hips, as well as a chest opener, this pose can also be a serious strengthener of the core and legs. It’s important to stay engaged and actively lengthen in the pose, not just tip over and hang, so as to get all the benefits. Join me on Saturday at 4:30pm @lucentyoga to practice engaging and being your most present in each pose.

The recent full moon and never ending heatwave…

The recent full moon and never ending heatwave have me feeling a crazed and therefore grateful for my daily yoga practice to ground me. Moving, letting go of obsessive thought patterns, letting go of stored stress and sadness in my body, allows me to move more freely throughout the rest of my day. Join me Tuesday morning at 9:30am @lucentyoga to feel the benefits of this moving meditation and you might even forget the temperature outside.