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Totally stressed?

Mess can equal stress. Clean our the desk, hard drive, briefcase, car, everything. 

Take Care of You 

Take Care of You 

Kristina Saffran is the co-founder of Project HEAL, an organization that helps those struggling with eating disorders get the treatment they need, regardless of health insurance.

  1. BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY + ITS NEEDS: Actively listen to and honor your body. Sometimes it wants a heart-pumping run, sometimes a grounding yoga class, and sometimes a nap. Exercise can be a stress-reducing activity, but it can quickly become compulsive for some people. Respect when your body is hungry, or tired, and allow all foods in moderation. Eat fresh veggies and produce regularly, but don’t feel bad if you also eat ice cream every night! If you truly allow yourself those “off limits” foods whenever you want them, you’ll notice that you feel satisfied and don’t, in fact, want 100 (insert “bad food” of choice). Restriction is what leads to deprivation and binging.
  2. HAVE APPRECIATION FOR YOUR BODY: Focus on all the things your body allows you to do – hike mountains, hoist your own suitcase into the overhead bin, do a headstand – rather than what it looks like. Weight is a terrible proxy for health. I’m also a firm believer in set point theory – the idea that our bodies want to be at a certain weight range and will fight very hard no matter what we do to keep us there. Set points are different for every person, and healthy people come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. BE STRONG, BOTH PHYSICALLY + MENTALLY: Physical strength is important and can be a great conduit to accepting and appreciating your body, as discussed above. Following body-positive bloggers like Healthy Is The New Skinny and Strong Not Skinny can help redefine your own personal image of beauty. Additionally, it’s important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health, and is a muscle that needs to be trained. Practicing yoga, getting enough sleep, meditating, scheduling in meaningful time with friends and family, and saying no are all meaningful practices to cultivate.
  4. BE FLEXIBLE: The biggest contributor to happiness is meaningful relationships with people. And meaningful relationships with people require some selflessness and compromise. The Instagram wellness craze would have us believe that our “healthiest” days are those when we get to the gym, eat raw veggies, and cut out all sugar. But health also means making room for people and opportunities, and life. Sometimes, skipping the gym for a drink with a friend is precisely the definition of health.

Listen to your heart…❤️ Do you track yo…

Listen to your heart…❤️
Do you track your HRV? Measuring your heart rate variability (HRV) gives you a clear indicator of how your well your nervous system is performing on a day to day basis. It tells you if you if you are fully rested and what speed or intensity to approach the challenges of the day, in order to optimise training and performance. –
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