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It’s a new year which brings fresh perspective. It’s time to try some new things, explore the roads you’ve yet to take, or even go deeper in a yoga pose than you’d imagined possible. But these new choices should be informed from everything you did previously (that perhaps didn’t work out as well), so that they’re not really wild ideas, just better ones. Maybe in 2019 you don’t react so quickly to an upsetting text, or you make sure to show up on time to meet up with friends, or you decide that you’re going to carefully set kapotasana as your year end yoga goal. So set your intentions and then join me at my 4:30pm Saturday class @lucentyoga, and see what unfolds after you meditate on them for 75 minutes. ✨


Yoga PSA: The holidays are upon us. And while this brings plenty of fun, it also brings plenty of rich food, alcohol and sugar. Should this make your stomach feel less than awesome, rocking back and forth in Bow Pose (aka Dhanurasana) stimulates the digestive system and helps get things running in their proper order. If you want to feel your absolute best though, check out one of my classes this weekend @lucentyoga listed below.

Friday – 7am

Saturday- 4:20pm


Fall is finally here. My favorite season, when the leaves change, the air is crisp and the city is abuzz with excitement and fun. Fall makes me want to move, energize and be present for all of its beauty. Join me this weekend @lucentyoga to do all of the above and the times listen below. ✨🍂

Friday – 5pm

Saturday- 4:30pm


The long week of clouds, humidity and rain has finally ended but left most of us in as bad of a mood as the weather. Luckily for you, I have TONS of hip opening planned for my 4:30pm Saturday class @lucentyoga to help you let go of those rainy day blues. I can’t think of a better way to shake off any lingering bad vibes. See you soon!


Bow Pose, aka Dhanurasana, is a favorite of mine. It opens the entire front of the body from the shoulders and chest, through the hips on down to the ankles. If you rock back and forth you gently massage the internal organs and help with digestion. As Bow Pose is a backbend, it’s also is an energizing pose, concluding that there’s really nothing this fabulous asana can’t do! Come to my 12:30pm Thursday class @lucentyoga to feel its wonders for yourself. ✨


Mondays can be challenging. Yoga helps. Meet me on the mat at 12:30pm @lucentyoga to make yours a bit less formidable.

Although it can be brutal when it hits the 90’…

Although it can be brutal when it hits the 90’s, the warm weather helps open the body for deeper stretches. One of my favorite poses to teach in the summer months is Hanumanasana, aka the Splits, because the heat allows even the stiffest of students to find some version. Join me on Tuesday at 9:30am @lucentyoga to get super long and smiley.

The recent full moon and never ending heatwave…

The recent full moon and never ending heatwave have me feeling a crazed and therefore grateful for my daily yoga practice to ground me. Moving, letting go of obsessive thought patterns, letting go of stored stress and sadness in my body, allows me to move more freely throughout the rest of my day. Join me Tuesday morning at 9:30am @lucentyoga to feel the benefits of this moving meditation and you might even forget the temperature outside.

Revolved Triangle, aka Parivrtta Trikonasana, …

Revolved Triangle, aka Parivrtta Trikonasana, is an intense stretch of the hamstrings and lower back. This pose also helps detox the body by stimulating the digestive organs in the twist, as well as opens the chest and shoulders. Expect plenty of twists and perhaps some chances to take flight in my Saturday 4:30pm class @lucentyoga. See you soon!

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