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Yoga PSA: The holidays are upon us. And while this brings plenty of fun, it also brings plenty of rich food, alcohol and sugar. Should this make your stomach feel less than awesome, rocking back and forth in Bow Pose (aka Dhanurasana) stimulates the digestive system and helps get things running in their proper order. If you want to feel your absolute best though, check out one of my classes this weekend @lucentyoga listed below.

Friday – 7am

Saturday- 4:20pm


Bow Pose, aka Dhanurasana, is a favorite of mine. It opens the entire front of the body from the shoulders and chest, through the hips on down to the ankles. If you rock back and forth you gently massage the internal organs and help with digestion. As Bow Pose is a backbend, it’s also is an energizing pose, concluding that there’s really nothing this fabulous asana can’t do! Come to my 12:30pm Thursday class @lucentyoga to feel its wonders for yourself. ✨


Mercury is in retrograde, a full moon is on the horizon, an eclipse too and it’s Leo season, so crazy people like me are running wild feeling full of ourselves. Thank goodness I’m teaching twice @lucentyoga this weekend to help bring some zen to these insane times. Good luck out there (I’ve already broken my toe crossing the street) and see you in the mat!

Friday – 12:30pm

Saturday- 4:30pm