Online Mental Health Resources


Anger & Irritability
CBT & Self help for anger 
Anger problems workbook 
Anger management tips & techniques 
Anger & aggression management 
Anger & aggressive behaviour leaflet 
Controlling anger guide
Dealing with anger & impulsivity (PDF)

Overcoming health anxiety (9 modules with workbooks) 
Improving self esteem (9 modules with workbooks) 
Overcoming perfectionism (9 modules with workbooks)  
Mastering general anxiety & worries (11 modules with workbooks)
General self help strategies 
Self help home toolkit  
How to tolerate uncertainty 
Applied tension technique (for those who faint at sight of blood/needles) 
Self help for specific phobias 
Youth anxiety self help 
How to stop worrying 
Flying phobia self help 
General anxiety disorder self help (3 steps) 
Anxiety workbook 
CBT & Self help for general anxiety
CBT & Self help for phobias 
CBT & Self help for health anxiety 
CBT & Self help for low self esteem 
CBT & Self help for stress 
Anxiety & panic leaflet 
Phobias leaflet 
Anxiety self help guide 
Health anxiety self help guide
Stress workbook
Stress management course
Hints to avoid harmful stress

Bipolar Disorder
Coping with Bipolar Disorder (8 modules with workbooks)
CBT & Self help for bipolar
Bipolar support & self help
Wellbeing plan for Bipolar disorder (PDF)
Bipolar disorder mood chart (PDF)

Also see anger/irritability, depression, insomnia & impulsivity resources.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Overcoming distress intolerance (4 modules with workbooks)
Ten coping skills for BPD
Coping with BPD
BPD resource list

Also see CBT, DBT, self harm, anger/irritability, suicidal thoughts, impulsivity & depression resources.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
7 Step self help course 
CBT Based self help 
CBT Worksheets & Information sheets 
Free self help worksheets

Concentration & Time management
Put off procrastinating (7 modules with workbooks)
Guide for goal setting 
Concentration leaflet 
Sitting exams leaflet 
Procrastination leaflet

Depression & Low mood
Coping with depression (9 modules with workbooks)
The Journal depression help 
CBT & Self help for depression 
Depression leaflet 
Depression & low mood self help guide 
Depression workbook
Dealing with depression tips
Antidepressant skills workbook (PDF)
Undoing depression: A self help site
Worry & sadness course
Depression mood chart (PDF)
Exercise to beat depression Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4
Thinking your way out of depression (CBT)

Dialectal Behaviour Therapy (DBT) 
DBT Self help (videos, worksheets, activities etc.)
DBT Worksheets 
Skills Workbook
Coping & Relationship skills 
Ways to manage distress right now 
Letting go of emotional suffering 
Mindfulness leaflet
Appraising change (PDF)
Honest communication (PDF)
Goal setting
Mindfulness in everyday life
Quick relaxation techniques

Eating disorders & Body image
Overcoming body dysmorphia (7 modules with workbooks)
Overcoming disordered eating Part A | Part B (9 modules each part)
CBT & Self help for anorexia 
CBT & Self help for bulimia & binge eating 
Eating disorders leaflet 
Eating disorders self help guide
Eating disorder coping skills
Tips & strategies for overcoming eating disorders

Fatigue & Chronic pain
CBT & Self help for chronic fatigue & pain
Chronic pain workbook
Restless legs syndrome self help
Treating chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia
Chronic fatigue self help
Fatigue fighter self help
The pain toolkit (PDF)
Chronic pain patient’s guide to pain free hours (PDF)
Chronic pain survival handbook (PDF)

Impulsive thoughts & behaviours
ADHD in adults: Managing impulsivity
Managing impulsive behaviours
5 Tips for changing impulsive behaviours
Impulse control strategies

Insomnia & Sleep difficulties
Getting to sleep 
Sleep hygiene 
CBT & Self help for sleep issues 
Insomnia leaflet 
Sleeping problems self help guide
Sleep problems workbook
How to sleep better
Can’t sleep?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
How to manage obsessions 
Manage your OCD at home  
What to do while obsessing 
Stopping your compulsions 
CBT & Self help for OCD 
Obsessions & compulsions self help guide
Obsessions & compulsions workbook

Panic Attacks 
Coping with panic attacks (12 modules with workbooks) 
Self help strategies for Panic Disorder 
Panic attack self help programme 
CBT & Self help for Panic Disorder 
Panic self help guide
Panic workbook

CBT & Self help for psychosis 
Hearing voices self help guide
Schizophrenia treatment & recovery
Self help measures for psychosis
Guided self help for psychosis (PDF)

Social Anxiety 
Coping with social anxiety (12 modules with workbooks) 
Improving your social skills 
Home management strategies for social anxiety 
Improve your assertiveness (10 modules with workbooks)
CBT & Self help for social anxiety 
Shyness & social anxiety self help guide
Shyness & social anxiety workbook
Shyness/Social anxiety course

Self harm
Self harm leaflet 
Self harm self help guide
Self harm alternatives & distractions
Cutting & self harm help
Self injury self help ideas
Self harm coping plan (Link at bottom of page)
Stopping self harm

Suicidal thoughts
CBT & Self help for suicidal thoughts
Dealing with suicidal thoughts & feelings
Suicide: Read this first
Making a safety plan (Link at bottom of page)
Ways to help yourself when you’re feeling suicidal
What can I do if I’m feeling suicidal?
Self help for the suicidal workbook
Suicide hotlines by country

Trauma & Abuse
Self help for PTSD 
CBT & Self help for PTSD 
Post traumatic stress leaflet 
Information for adults abused as children 
Dealing with abuse guide 
Post Traumatic stress self help guide
Post traumatic stress workbook
Safety & escaping domestic violence
Help for abused men
Coping with PTSD
How to recover from disasters & traumatic events

Note: I haven’t created or extensively reviewed any of these resources, they’re just things I’ve found online that look like they’d be useful and to my best knowledge do not cost anything.
These are self help resources intended to be used in addition to and not as a substitute for medical treatment- please contact a professional if you are feeling unsafe. 🙂