just a me update

So sorry I have not been posting. I suffered a STROKE guys. I was putting on shoes to go work out and all of a sudden, my arm drooped. I finally got movement in my arm (I had to finish putting on my clothes when I got my arm movement back), and then I started hunting down someone to talk to them about it. I got to a coworkers office and realized I couldnt talk! I couldnt even write down “call 911.” I was just shrugging. I knew what I wanted to say, I just couldnt get anything out. (It’s wild thinking about it now!). I spent about a week in the ICU … was stuck in almost every machine imaginable … 

I’m way too young for this to happen. All my lifestyle things are fine (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc). I’m currently wearing a heart monitor (to check for a-fib … they already know I have a PFO) and there’s a possibility I’ll need heart surgery (for the PFO). But IM FINE. There’s no permanent damage (thank god). 

If anything is getting you down, just take it day by day. You never have to tackle all your problems at one time. Don’t procrastinate, keep moving forward, and take things step-by-step. 

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