3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Focused On Your Goals

1. What’s my why? Having a strong reason why we’re trying to achieve something is the way we keep moving forward even when we feel like giving up. Along the road to success there will be times when we feel like we’re not making any progress, like we’re not good enough and as though the goal will never be achieved. 

Our why is what makes us carry on, what gives us the audacity to say “I’m not going to quit” and allows us to put in that extra hour of work when we feel like going to sleep. If the why isn’t strong enough – the goal needs to be changed.

2. What if I never succeed? We need to assess what our lives would look like if we were to give up on the goal. What else would we be doing with our time? How would we feel? What would our health look like? What would our relationships be like? 

Having nothing to aim for often leads to dysfunction in other areas of our lives which is born from the resentment we hold toward ourselves for not achieving our goals. This resentment can be internalised and expressed in various ways such as addictions or externalised and projected onto others. 

3. What are the benefits of winning? The whole point of setting a goal is to reach a desired outcome which significantly improves our lives. Picturing how our lives will look when we actually achieve the goal allows us to stay focused and motivated along the journey.

There is nothing stopping us from having the life we dream of. Our lives take shape based on where we invest our time, we control where we spend our time – therefore we control how our lives look.

Your goals won’t achieve themselves, put in the work.

Peace & positive vibes.