Backshots From God? My 2nd partner. “Never replace. Never…

Backshots From God?
My 2nd partner.
“Never replace. Never wanna erase”. How many are brave enough to not lie? The Reality Check is turning 40 I’ve truly come to peace with the reality of this world. We are all charged with energy and as such exchanging with another can be an amazing journey. Yet when you aren’t don’t feel as though you should be. Be at peace with you. Not everyone HAS to experience multiple partners to find oneself or experience love. My 20’s & 30’s I was only with one. So now turning 40 I’m okay with admitting I’m not programmed to call on sex. It’s okay to Jog when you wake, dance after you shower, calm your energy by creating. Create a peaceful space you love being in…be thankful to be alive. I physically feel like 20 yet turning 40 is way different. If I’m meant to have a 2nd “lover” so shall it be. LOVE YOUR STORY. Ive come to love mine through time because I’ve never done anything I’ve regretted physically with anyone. I have so much to experience , yet I embrace the fact that dating isn’t something I see myself doing. I missed that boat yet was on a great Yacht. I’m not looking for love. I am love. And when I’m meant to be with a man God will let me know. Celibate for 3 years, cause the 13 I was with with my partner I truly was present. And that’s a gift within itself? Who knows what the next 16 yrs holds yet until tomorrow “lift your bum gratefully to the sun”.